Friday, April 11, 2008


4th post of the day - yeah, I've been busy trying to catch up!
I might say - Yum or Yummo!
Megan speak would be - "num num"

It's as cute as can be when she says it - and it always makes me look closely to see what she's put in her mouth - is it a graham cracker? Banana bread? Pieces of grapes? A leaf?
And when she's "helping in the kitchen," I really start to look.

And this is where the story begins.... This past Tuesday, Megan got to stay with Grandma and Granddad while Tom and I went to the Masters in Augusta. We all spent the night on Monday night. At some point as I was putting Megan's milk and food into the refrigerator, Megan walked on over and started to check out Grandma's stuff. She is extremely familiar with our refrigerator door, but this was all new..... cool!

So I hear a faint, "num num" and think.... hhuuummmm - what crumb has she found in that door? Only to look down and see this...

So in case you aren't getting it... that would be a bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup in the door that Megan has her mouth on. She's licking whatever dribbles might still be stuck there. Oh yeah - she knows where to find the good stuff!

Well, knowing that she was in good hands and that a sugar high would be on their hands - we left Megan early the next morning to head to Augusta for the Master's practice round... so fun! That will be a post for tomorrow (if I'm lucky enough to find the time to get the pictures on here.)

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