Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Delightful Saturday

Today we got to celebrate future motherhood with my friend Allison. She and her husband David are expecting a girl in June. At one time we were all single together and now we are learning the parenting ropes together. It was a special day. The sad part of the celebration was knowing that it was also a going away party for Allison. They are getting ready for a move to Kansas City for David's job. So we'll only have them around for a few weeks until they head out to settle in before the baby comes. Congrat's Allison - we love you and will miss you!

After I got home from the shower, we took advantage of the beautiful day. We are about to have another cold snap so we wanted to be outside with Megan while we could.
Walking outside is still a challenge for her with uneven grass and all. But she definitely pitched in and started in on her first day of outside chores!
Megan had a great time with all the tree trimming and bush whacking we did.

Sorry the video is sideways - I couldn't get it turned around.....

Megan had to check out ALL the flowers. We are still working on the "smell them, don't eat them" approach.

(Yeah, can you see trouble coming... her approaching a railroad tie in the flower bed.... didn't end well.)

We are also dog sitting for our neighbors. This is the dog that Megan looks for everyday - Bailey. Today we let Bailey out in her backyard and played with her a bit. The boys next door have a new outside toy - a huge fire truck. Megan LOVES it.
We had a great Saturday. We soaked up the sun when it peeked through the clouds and just enjoyed a nice mild day. Tomorrow all that changes - gone are the 70's and here come the 50's. I guess I should be happy with that since it's snowing in MN. Ugh.

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Whitlamy said...

So, when does spring officially start? I hate I missed Allison's shower. My sister-in-law unexpectedly ended up staying another day, so I couldn't make it. It looks like it went well though.