Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Note from Megan...

Deer Unkl Dan,

Mama iz teecin me lots uv nuu wrdz. Today i lrnd ubot the wrd "thoughtful". Mama sad it menz wen som wun iz supr nize an thinks uv uz, or day do somethen dat iz thinkin uhed. I think u r ulwaz "thoughtful" becuz wen u gav mama de big whale it wuz supr niz an u wuz tankin uhed bcuz now i git to plae on it. I luv de big whale!

Luv Megan

(Note from mom... Megan is always trying to get to the keyboard so today I let her at it. :^) Uncle Dan, seriously, who would have known that the big inflatable pool whale would suddenly be such a hit - she was so amused with it that I actually got to cook dinner!!! And to anyone who is still trying to figure out what Megan wrote - bone up on those phonetic skills because when your kids start to write, you'll get lots of stories just like it - take it from a 1st grade teacher who had to learn to decipher all that!)

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Uncle Dan said...

Megan, I am glad you luv the whale! Mommy said you are learning to say Uncle Dan. Just want you to know I will accept whatever version of my name you come up with. Can't wait to see you. Won't be too long!