Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lots of laughs

2nd post of the day - read on for the ear update...
Even with the past ear infections - Megan has been a delight! Here are a few things I've captured this past week - just wanted to share the fun.

For her birthday, Megan got a great book called Baby Days. It's a big book with 9 little board books inside it. Megan LOVES it. Inside the front cover is a mirror - which of course is always a blast. It's become her favorite book after bath time when we are getting ready for bed.

This book will keep her occupied for a long time. Of course after about 5-10 minutes on her own it's Megan begging someone to read to her. It's so cute though because the books are only 4 pages long so she remembers them and anticipates what is next (as a teacher, I love that - it's a hard skill to teach) and then she starts to mimic the last page. I'll have to try to get a video of her reading a book. It's hysterical.
So I highly recommend this to all my friends - especially if your kids love looking at other babies. You can find it on Amazon:
And Aunt Kelly, Uncle Kevin, Daniel, Justin, and Anna - thanks!!!!!

It's warm out today, but earlier this week it was cold so we ran to the mall to exchange an outfit and had to stop and play...
On the video - note her intense concentration (and me laughing at it) and determination.

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