Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh what a weekend

It has been a very full weekend! We started the weekend off on Friday with a fun playdate with our friends Tressa and Will. We got to be there for Will's first big boy swing ride. He loved it and Tressa and I got lots of laughs watching the kids together.
Friday night, we went out to dinner. Now that Megan is an official toddler - our trips to dinner have changed a lot. We prefer...
1. Outdoor seating (Megan has lots to watch and keep her occupied so that we actually get to eat). Covered patios (like at our favorite Mexican place) are the best.
2. Lots of walking space - so that she can spread out her little legs (it's even better if you somehow work it so that your husband is on the "outside" and gets "walking duty). :^)
3. If they have balloons, that is a total plus!
Saturday we had a shower for some friends - Megan loved the company and all the extra attention! Thankfully the clouds and rain cleared away and we had a great cookout and really got to enjoy our backyard. After being outside all day - she decided to come in.... in the refrigerator! I turned away for a second to take some thing out and turned around and realized, not only was she exploring inside the frig (which is normal) but she also realized that she could climb into it. That's a new one.
Note to self.... turn water pitcher around so that the handle is not accessible to a climbing baby (use your imagination as to that one!)

And have I mentioned... we seemed to have turned a corner in the bathtime arena. Megan now loves taking a bath again. Keeping her stationary is a bit difficult, but right now we are just happy that bathtime and hair washing don't including screaming.

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