Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ear Update

Quick ear update in case Megan wakes up from her nap before I have time to finish another post....

The ENT appt. went well this morning. The shots did the trick and cleared her infection up!! The ENT confirmed everything my pediatrician said (which makes me like her even more!). Which basically is - Megan's not really a good candidate for tubes. Her little ear tubes look perfect - great size, great shape! And, she handles the infections well - meaning, she sleeps through the night and doesn't cry when she has them. AKA - high tolerance for pain (that made me sad!).

He thinks the infections are a result of a combo of colds, allergies, and teething. He pointed out that this last infection lasted about 5 weeks --- and in 5 weeks she's gotten 7 teeth and almost an 8th. And that teething swelling can impact babies sinuses and ears. I thought that was interesting. His thought is that with this last tooth breaking through and cold season ending, and her being on allergy medicine now... that we wait to see if her ears start to drain normally. He believes they will. And if she keeps getting the infections, then we go back and we'll relook at the possibility. But as for now, it's not medically needed and why perform a surgical procedure (no matter how routine) if it's not necessary.

So - no tubes and prayerfully - no more infections!

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hmferrero said...

what a relief!! aren't you glad you know though?