Sunday, May 7, 2017


Finally - we are into the correct year.  Just a few months of catching up to do..... Welcome to January!

We started off the year visiting CNN with Nicole's American Heritage Girls.

And while we were downtown.... we walked a few blocks over to the aquarium.

In homeschool news - Megan began constructing her volcano.


Nicole started her own Homeschool science class - which she loves!

At home - we have been working on solids, liquids, and gases - and a bit of chemistry!

The girls have found that dancing is a great PE class!

 And Megan LOVES her casual environment of homeschool.

We ended our January with a trip to the zoo to see the new Panda cubs.  We've been eagerly waiting for them to be out on exhibit!

And Nicole has been working hard on her reading - she got to go read to a dog at the library - super fun!  She loves doing things that her big sister once did.

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