Friday, January 25, 2008

Searching for a Snowball!

My 10 month old is in love.... with Snowball!
This is Snowball...

To say that Snowball is like a member of the family is really an understatement. I've heard of parents paying hundreds of dollars trying to find another stuff animal that their child has lost... I totally get it now!!!!!! Snowball has some amazing ability to immediately quite a screaming baby. He/She/It can do what no one else can do. It's amazing! I don't know when I realized that Snowball was Megan's favorite "friend" - but one day, I realized that if she had snowball, she was happy. Not just content in fussy situations - but happy. We play games where Snowball suddenly appears around the corner and she screams and drops whatever she's doing to go get him. And if we have to talk about sleeping.... Snowball is a must! Enough said! With all that in mind, he is (how shall I put this...) getting gross. Seriously, he's surface washable only.... so he's been sucked on, chewed on, spit up on, got snot on him (sorry, I warned you with the "getting gross"), has some medicine stains on him, and has been dropped Lord knows where. He looks very very very loved on - which he is.

My 10 month old is in love... with a polar bear! Did I mention that he is a very very very LOVED polar bear. He's loved so much that I MUST find another. We had one incidence early on of Snowball being accidentally tossed out of the stroller in a store at the mall. You would've thought I'd lost several hundreds of dollars (as well as my mind) if you had seen me on my hands and knees retracing my steps. The sales staff didn't seem to have my same vigor in looking for snowball. I'm sure they just referred to me as "the hysterical lady looking for the white teddy bear" after I left. Thank the Lord, we found him. The "we" would be Megan and I. Honestly she wasn't much help during the search. At that point we issued the mandate that Snowball does not leave the house or car. But that didn't really work for us or last long.

So for the past 3 months - yes 3 months - 90 long hard search engine filled days - I have been searching for another Snowball. Finally this week - I found one!!!!!! The Hallelujah chorus was being sung in the heavenly realms on that one! He's not an exact replacement... but I couldn't find one the same size... but other than a few inches - he's the same (minus all the forementioned "gross" elements). He came yesterday and Megan got a chance to get acquainted with Big Snowball. She seems to like him. I've been giving them both to her at the same time and she now grabs for both of them. So it seems like it's a successful integration of a new family member.
Here they are side by side... you can see the NEW Snowball has several inches on the old loved on Snowball. I think I might start calling them Mama Snowball and Baby Snowball.... ???? We'll see. (note that new snowball actually still looks white and fluffy.)
Maybe now that Big/Mama Snowball has been accepted as a lovable friend, I'll be able to kidnap the original/Baby Snowball and give him a good "thrown in the washing machine" bath. And pray that the "surface washable only" snowball doesn't fall apart.

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