Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let it Snow

Well the snow finally has arrived. So Megan and I went out to take a gander at the falling flakes. It was so beautiful. This wasn't her first snow (see Minne-snow-ta in the archives) but it was the first time she had snow falling on her. Here's the scene from Megan's perspective....

"Hey, it's all white out here... and cold. What's up with this scarf?"
" Hey now - it's hitting me in the face..."

" Cool - did you know there is stuff under here..."
"Ooohhhhh, my favorite - leaves to eat!"
We are going out later to play with the neighbor friends... but right now it's still snowing and still very wet. They said we've had about 4 inches fall in our area, but most of it melted before it started to accumulate. It's just a light coating now, but very pretty. Megan and I actually just went to the store (long story as to why, when everyone else and their brother is out having a panic attack at the grocery store) and it's just wet and slushy so far.

We'll try to post some more later if we get back out in it.

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