Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Food, Fridge, & Friends... all in a days work

Megan is "demanding" to try to feed herself - with a spoon. We have entered into a new world of "messy!" Some days, if she's not holding the spoon and trying to dip it into whatever is not a finger food, then she'll flat out refuse to eat. I'm a little concerned about the strong will of this soon to be toddler.

And, she's discovered the amazing world of the refrigerator! You know, I throw conservation out the window when the inside of the fridge will keep Megan occupied long enough for me to work on dinner. Sometimes we just do what we do to get done what we must get done.
Yesterday we had a play date with some friends. Megan loved playing with Watson (thanks for inviting us over, Watson), Shelby, and Jackson (new to the scene.. but his big sister will show him the ropes as he gets bigger).
One of the highlights for Megan was the froggie puppet (AKA a pot holder).
The other HUGE highlight was the Jump-o-lene. WOW! Megan thought it was so fun, it was hard to keep her out of it. Here she is trying to climb inside.

Watson and Shelby had a great time jumping. It's a trampoline type blow-up that is totally surrounded by a short wall so the kids don't fly out.

Megan gave it a whirl and thought it was the best! She laughed and giggled and didn't want to leave. In all the fun, I totally didn't take a picture of her in it.... no fears - we may be investing in one of our own.

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Sandy P said...

I think Macie's desire to feed herself is why she went to finger food. Every now and then we feed her something with a spoon. She is a little better now about leaving the spoon alone and letting us feed her.
We missed you at MOPS. They made 2 rooms for the babies this week. Macie got moved up with the bigger ones. I think Megan will be able to joing her since there have been so many little ones born!