Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Continue to pray for Susanne, Tricia, and Baby Gwyneth

As I start this post today, I have been reflecting on how fast life can change. We went to the Dr. today and Megan's ear infections have cleared up finally (praise the Lord). But while we were there, a set of triplets came in and were taken to the hospital because they had really bad cases of RSV (they were little ones). You know, Megan had a bad case on Christmas, what if that had been her....

Every time we go for one of Tom's MRI's I know that a quick visit to the neurologist could suddenly catapult my life into a new dimension. (Thankfully this past year has been good news of no new growth in his brain tumor.) When I say life can change so fast, I don't mean - wow, Megan is growing up so fast - I mean from the perspective that you never know what life will hold around the next bend.

Here's a picture of Megan on the day after her birth, once I finally got to see her and touch her in the NICU... who would have imagined that's where we would have found ourselves. And today she's a thriving 10 month old who is in to everything - as precocious as could be.

God is good and uses all things to His Glory.

As you think on that, rejoice in where you are now, savor it and live each moment to the fullest - after all, it is a precious gift from God.

Continue to pray for some dear people who also have no idea what the next moment holds. Susanne (My friend Sandy's mom) who was in a car accident. She was moved out of ICU last night and is showing signs of being alert. Praise the Lord! Pray for her recovery. And also pray for Nate, Tricia, and baby Gwyneth. Tricia and Gwyneth both seem to be doing better, but they both have long roads ahead. My heart breaks for Tricia... I know how devastating it was for me to not be able to see or hold Megan after she was born - but at least I saw her and held her for a few seconds in the delivery room before they rushed her away. I can't imagine not being awake enough to even see pictures or be able to go look at her or just sit by her. So my prayers go out to their whole family!