Friday, January 4, 2008


We had a great week in the frigid cold of MN. It was fun and of course we kept the camera snapping for Megan's first Christmas with Grandma, Papa and Uncle Dan (not to mention everyone else). I warn you now, the next several blogs will probably be pictures of our visit.

Of course, it started off with Megan being sick - here's her duckie breathing treatment. As you can see, she did really well with it.
The pack and play (Thanks Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn) was like a huge toy to Megan. She wasn't used to being able to see everything going on around her. Papa and Megan loved taking strolls around the house looking at everything. Being in a new environment was great - she was very occupied.Grandma had her tricks for keeping Megan happy and smiling. Megan's favorite was the horsey rides on Grandma's leg. You can see how much she enjoyed it!Because Megan was sick when we first got there, she had to enjoy the snow from afar. We wanted to wait till her breathing was better before we dared to venture out into the cold. (Did I mention that our last night in MN it was like 10 below and when we flew out it was only 7 degrees). Well, being inside didn't stop Megan from loving the view. The window handle was also quite fun.And who wouldn't love getting bounced on Grandma and Papa's bed. All the while looking into their mirror. She was all smiles and giggles!In her spare time she took up the piano...
Megan hurried up our Christmas celebration when she stuck her hand through a package that she was leaning on. Thankfully it was her first gift from Uncle Dan. She had a great time learning to drive (oh my, it starts so early). We decided that we are going to let Uncle Dan come down and give Megan her first real driving instruction.Yipee... more presents --- she loves her new book. From one teacher to another - great gift. We were reading it tonight. We got together with more family! Here we are enjoying Megan's first taste of a Minnesota favorite - Jello salad. It was orange, and she loves orange flavored anything! We also saw Megan's Great Great Aunt Hazel. It was really neat to have 4 generations together.Uncle Dan was a softie and held a sweet sleeping baby so that I could eat lunch after Church on Sunday. Tom had sang a solo (Joseph's Song) at his old church.
Afterwards - it was time to bundle up and head out into the wintery wonderland. Megan was used to the snowsuit because we use it at home for walks on cold windy days.
It was a fun ride on the red sled. She loved it. She was so excited and wanted to move around so we had to prop some pillows behind her so she wouldn't fall backwards. Her Daddy was driving and she loved it.
See the snow piled up behind us.... And the little missy wanted to walk. She's really good about walking when holding our hands. Sometimes she forgets she needs us and lets go... that usually ends with a thud or a twirling light fall to the ground as we grab for one hand as she goes down.
That's the first part of our trip!
I'm sure there will be more to come!


Linda Jepson said...

I only wish we could have crossed paths when you guys were in 2H. We were there the weekend before you arrived. Megan...what a cutie! I will enjoy your adventures through your blog. Best wishes to you in 2008. Enjoy every blessing that comes along with being a parent!

Your favorite cousin said...

The picture on the sled is SO adorable. Just a like a round ball of snow suit with a tiny area of face peeking out.