Monday, January 14, 2008

The Love of Cousins

Megan loves her cousins! Now I don't mean, she thinks they are fun... they absolutely amuse her to no end. She adores them! Last week Tom and I had a dinner to go to and we dropped Megan off with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Kevin - and the cousins.... Daniel, Justin, and Anna.

Here they are back at the beach in July.

Justin helping Megan with a toy. Daniel reading to Megan, with Justin looking on and with Megan going after Anna's hand.
Daniel showing Megan the ropes of the sit-n-spin (which she loved!)
The dinner ran later than I thought so I left early to go get Megan. Normally her bedtime is between 7-7:30. I got stuck in HORRIBLE traffic (That's Atlanta for you, only 1 lane of 285 open at 7:30 at night) and it took me an hour to get there so at 8:30-8:45ish when I pulled up, I was expecting Megan to be in a complete meltdown. This is what I found...I'll say it again... Megan loves her cousins!

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