Wednesday, January 9, 2008

10 months old

Oh my gosh... I can't believe it. My itty bitty baby is already 10 months old. I'm telling you - it's so hard to believe. But then she does funny things and I think - wow, I remember when she could only lay there and stare at me.

Today, I "celebrated" this monthly birthday by FINALLY moving Megan up to her new "big girl" car seat. Out with the old Graco carry car seat, and in with the enormous Britax Marathon. Yeah - she's at the outermost limit for weight and height in that carseat - but it was very easy to use because if she fell asleep I could carry it (that was hard) to her crib and let her sleep in it. But those days are over.... I have to admit that I was a bit emotional over this latest transition. Now in this picture, just know Megan is not downing a Sprite... she loves to chew on the bottle and ususally it keeps her awake on our 2 minute ride home from the grocery store... which is my attempt to try to keep her awake until we got home to take a nap. Obviously it doesn't always work.

On the other side of the coin... Let me just say, I'd like to meet the person who determined that the Britax was "easy to install". I have some words for him/her. Like when the directions start with "make sure the seat is in the fully reclined position".... you know, it'd be nice if they told you how to do that. Like 20 pages later I read, pull the handle out to fully recline and finally there is a picture of the mysterious handle. Of course by this point the car seat is in the car and wouldn't ya know it, the handle they refered to was against the seat. Oh my gosh. I wish there had been someone else here to take a picture of me wrestling with this thing because I'd send it to Britax and say - you need to define "easy to install". Picture me laying on the floor of the car, feet sticking out the door (I'm almost standing on my head) as I look for the "easy to find floor tether" that all cars are supposed to have. Still haven't found it, but the seat seems very stable without that optional safety feature.

Tomorrow we go for our checkup with the Dr. and that'll be her first ride in it.


Dawn said...

Hello, Georgia Blaisdells!

I totally feel your pain on the carseat. That's why I only remove mine from the car to adjust the straps. It actually causes bruising (and some bleeding) to get it in tightly! I agree that "easy to install" should constitute as false advertising. Or they should at least have to state what they're comparing it to (i.e. solar panel on the space station). Hopefully Miss Megan will enjoy her new ride!

Love and miss you guys!


Sandy P said...

Having installed many car seats, the Britax is the EASIEST to install. If we were not in the middle of this junk, I would run over and help out! Once you figure it out, you will appreciate it. Once you turn it around it will really be easy! On a side note, I don't think Macie will make it to 20 pounds and get to turn around yet!