Friday, January 18, 2008

Totally For Fun!

Ok - sometimes I think - will my brain ever return to normal? It is a fact that when you are pregnant your baby does sort of "eat your brain." No joke! They steal everything from you to grow and thrive... and that includes all the DHA in your brain (for their developing brains). That's why pregant women and moms all seem to have memory issues - standing there staring at you and not remembering your name, or standing in the middle of the aisle at Publix going, "what was I coming down this aisle to get?"

Wanna have some fun, help someone thousands of miles away, and start to get those neurons firing again?

Go to and play a game. I challenge you! I got up to level 42. It's fun and humbling. It's a word game, and every correct answer you get, you'll donate 20 grains of rice through the World Food Program. So take 30 seconds and check it out. If you miss one, it just takes you back down some levels. Did I mention that although I got up to level 42 (sheer luck, I confess) I quickly started down the ladder with words like "jupe."

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