Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Return of Minne-SNOW-ta (chapter 3)

Well we ended up staying home today. Megan had a slight fever so I figured we'd play it safe. It might just be her teething - I still can't believe those top teeth haven't broken through. But if her immune system is down, I didn't want to risk her getting sick with something else after just recovering. Sick or not, she's been a sweetie. She's got a little dog toy that you can walk behind - I will have to get a video of that posted soon because she is cute as can be walking behind it.

Well back to our final instalment of Minne-SNOW-ta.... We spent our last few days with Tom's cousin Tony and wife Dawn. As always, we had a blast. Tony and Dawn have 3 little ones of their own - Bear, Buddy, and BeBe. Those little 4 footed furry friends were super sweet to let Megan into their lives. The word of the trip was "gentle" as we tried to show megan how to pet them and not grab their hair and rip it out. I'm still waiting for her to cough up a furball after how much fur she probably ended up grabbing and eating. Good ole Bear (pictured below) was a trooper though. Whenever Megan saw him, she'd scream and usually crawl over to him. What was funny was that she'd get a few feet away and stop and then pull up on our legs to pick her up, or even crawl back over to us. You see, Bear is about Megan's size (Megan outweighs him by maybe 2 lbs). She's no fool..... But she LOVED him! Auntie Dawn was wonderful to always let Megan pet her babies.
Uncle Tony got lots of smiles and laughs too. Megan loved sitting on his lap, and that usually ended in screeching laughter as Uncle Tony tickled her and tickled her.

It was a great trip and we were sad to go. It's always hard to say goodbye and head all the way back here. We are glad we have the blog to keep everyone up to date with the "Megan happenings" and our weekly chats. We love you guys!

Tomorrow we get back into the groove of the normal schedule (as if anything is really normal). It'll be good to get Megan back on a schedule, but it's sad to think that it's really 2008 and the holidays are over.

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Whitlamy said...

Looks and sounds like ya'll had a great time. I can hardly wait to get Bryce in the snow. We're hopefully headed to Montana in March, but it will be without Bryce this year. Maybe in 2 years we'll start him with snow skiing lessons. We need to have another play date soon. Can hardly believe Megan is 10 months old!!