Saturday, January 19, 2008

Music Class

One of the joys of our week is Music Class. We love it! Megan goes to an infant music class, and it's been amazing to watch her growth and change throughout the course of the class. Now, Megan can hear music or hear someone singing and immediately starts clapping out the beat or drumming. She looks for things to turn into instruments (like the air/heating vent covers). And when you sing to her, she starts singing back. It's very very cute.

One of the things she loves the most is when the teacher gets out puppets to sing to the kids. The lion is her favorite.
One day Daddy got to go to class with us. Megan awed him with her ability to play the bells and rattles.
When we started, the egg shakers were nothing more than fun toys to chew on. Now she can actually shake them and knocks them together.
The kids are introduced to all sorts of fun musical instruments. Of course they still usually end up in their mouths, but they have fun trying to play them as well.
You may think - ok, she's only 10 months old... why a music class? Kids this age are taking in everything! Educators know that music helps to form synapes and pave the way for all future learning. Everything we learn is categorized into patterns.... and that's exactly what music is. And above all... Megan loves music. She hears music and her rear end starts moving (the fanny dance)- and it's a fun way for Megan and I to spend time together. I highly recommend it!

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