Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Minne-SNOW-ta (chapter 2)

So the first part of our trip was with Tom's parents on the north shore of lake Superior. Very beautiful (and cold). Here are a few more of my pink marshmellow girl on her sled ride.

Before we pulled out of town we had to go visit "Grandma Gert". Gert is the grandma of Tom's old school buddy and next door neighbor (Tim). Gert has been a long time friend of the family and we've enjoyed our visits with her and introducing her to Megan. At our last visit, Gert held Megan and got her to sleep - it was a sweet time together. Once we left, Megan didn't exactly cooperate with our schedule for her. We figured she'd sleep for most of the 3 hour trip to Tom's Auntie Janice and Uncle Paul's house. Yeah - right.... About 30 minutes into the trip she woke up screaming. Oh my goodness. My brother once said that his speed of driving reflected the decibels of his kids screaming. I would say that fits into our traveling experience as well. Thankfully our rental van allowed me to jump into the backseat to try to calm her down. I'm even more thankful that the car from Uncle Dan was close by. Megan was kept occupied by that for a good bit of time. She fell back to sleep about 20 minutes before we pulled into the driveway. So much for our planning...
Yeah - don't let the content face fool you.... she can go from this to screaming in .5 seconds flat!

We spent New Years Eve with more of Tom's family. Thanks so much to Paul and Janice for opening up their house to all of us. And Thanks to Uncle John and Auntie Claudette for coming over, and for cousins Tony and Dawn driving in, and for cousins Jason and Mike swinging back home to hang out. We had a great time of socializing, laughing, and playing Yatzee... yeah - we know how to live it up! I never even got the camera out because I was so busy laughing and having fun. It was a great relaxing way to spend New Years Eve - wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

But that'll have to be all for now. Megan came down with a fever this evening (yuck) so the two of us will be opting out of church tomorrow. After caring for a sick baby, I would never want to knowingly put Megan in a situation where she could accidently get someone else sick (especially since she can move and get anything and everything in her mouth in an instant)... I wish everyone felt that way. Maybe tomorrow while she is napping, I can get the final installment of Minne-snow-ta posted......

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hmferrero said...

of course you can add my link to yours. i've been meaning to add you to mine too. i'll go do that now before i forget. i always have to click to you from amy's.

i love your sledding pics! i would have been way too nervous. jakey was trying to crawl out of his wagon on the street today and i just knew he was going to get all scraped up. but he was fine. :)