Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Megan's favorite things

What do we do all day.... bounce back and forth between toys (when we can't go outside to play). here are a few of her favorites.

This is her toddler rocker that she loved as a baby - it's now a new favorite for her because she can stand up and play with the toys that hang down.

Anything that helps her to walk... little Ms. Independent wants to do it all by herself.
Her newest toy - the Play and Learn Home. It has lots of options for the child who bounces from toy to toy.
Musical instruments! Give her something to bang, drum, or rattle and she has her own band going.What a great buy (for my niece) because now it's made it back full circle. This sit and push hippo is now on it's second little girl - still elicits smiles of glee!
And of course... the cheapest thrill of all - the strings that hang down from the ceiling fan.
Last but certainly not least... every little girl needs their own special "Natalie"...

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