Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Follow-up Dr's visit

We had our follow up Dr's visit today... can I just say I LOVE this pediatrician. We are in a group with 5 Dr's and all came highly recommended. The one we chose I really like a lot. Then with this bought of illness we ended up in the office on his day off and got to see another Dr. Oh my goodness - I love her! And so does Megan. She was the happiest little girl ever today. The nurse at the sign in desk did a double take and said "obviously this isn't a sick appt." So if any of my friends in the area are looking for a good pediatrician - I've got one for you!

At any rate - we have had 2 really bad nights and Megan's eye has been watering and a little goopy so I was worried they would say she had pink eye or something. But no - all is well there. Her RSV is much better, but wouldn't you know it that stinker started wheezing about 2 minutes before the Dr walked in. She said that she may have a wheeze on and off for awhile. Evidently the virus clears out in 7 days but the coughing and wheezing can last 4-6 weeks. Oh my gosh! So we are back to breathing treatments a couple of times a day to hopefully get her over that (at least she not contagious so we can go to music class tomorrow). Her right ear infection was clear - there was still some fluid (but no infection).... BUT... Isn't there always a but... now she has a really bad infection in her left ear. And that developed while she was on antibiotics. Great. So now we are on a new antibiotic for the new infection. The really good side of the coin is that even with a bad ear infections she's been a happy happy baby this week (except from the hours of midnight-6am)

All that to say - hopefully she's on the mend (again). I was so sad to hear about her new ear infection and that it looked like it was really painful. But on the other hand, at least that explains our past 2 really bad nights. I was afraid she was still getting used to being back home after traveling. So there is hope for a good night of rest ahead!

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hmferrero said...

So sorry she has such a bad ear infection. I haven't tried the Sit-n-Spin thing yet. We have one, but he mostly likes to just push the button or twirl it to make it play the songs. I'm actually wondering if he can sit on it because his belly is so big.