Saturday, January 26, 2008

Independent Daddy's Girl

Now that Megan can move freely and pull up on anything - she's exercising her new found freedom! It's adorable, exciting, so fun to watch, and exhausting - all at the same time.

Tom has been amazed at what Megan learned to do in just one week. While he was gone she became really proficient at pulling up on anything, cruising around furniture, walking with the help of anything that moves (preferably her doggie push walker), and will talk your ear off. She's started saying "Elmo" - although the Megan version is more like - "eh-ma". She's obsessed with lights and points to them non-stop, and will try to repeat virtually anything you say. Tonight we were in the kitchen and she heard an airplane. Tom and I were both saying, "Do you hear the airplane?" and Megan responded with "eh-pane". Now it's not like she's doing it on her own and don't hear me say that she's a genius with a huge vocabulary. It's just so much fun to see her try to to mimic our sounds. In one week I feel like she's grown up so much.

Today, Tom got some dearly missed Megan time. She ate it up. Not only was she glad to see Daddy - I think she was pretty bored with playing with me constantly.

It's been a great weekend so far. We got lots of further babyproofing done. I finished a foam cover for our hearth - I'll have to put that on here one day because I'm so stinking proud of it. In the end it was worth saving the $$$ it would've cost to have bought one pre-made. But it was a labor of love for sure! AND worth it!!!! Today Megan rolled over a toy and hit the front part of the hearth head first (not the edge, the stone facing.) Thankfully it was all padded and she didn't even fuss. I think she was just trying to figure out how she rolled over it and ended up in a new place. If we had only installed the corner/edge guards, she would have really hurt herself by plowing into a little stone wall. So I'm glad I finally finished it and saved us all some tears.

Before I forget... there is a huge sale going on at etoys. So if you are looking for a gift for anyone check it out. I found some deals for great toys that are literally almost 80% off. I think I have kid birthdays taken care of for awhile.

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