Thursday, August 30, 2012

CFA and the Mermaids!

Last weekend, we headed over to our local Chick-fil-a for a special "mermaid afternoon."  The girls were dressed and ready to go!  And even the Mer-cow was there!!!!!

 The afternoon was really a product launch party for a new toy that is just now hitting the shelves, called Waverly and the Magic Seashells.  They had tables set up so all the girls could play with them and they could see what they liked and disliked.  The guy who created them is the same guy who created Pound Puppies.

 It's an interactive toy where each piece works together to make a whole new toy - so there is a "home" a magic seashell, a magic pearl that lets the mermaids speak, a wand that also fits in there and does something.  The girls were enthralled with it and Megan was begging for one.
(however, on a side note - all I could think was....  yeah, every part you buy separately and without the expensive "home" none of it really works.  Like great - Nicole won  seashell with a special sea friend and a magic pearl.... but all it is is a chokable ball and a shell she can't open on her own without a "sold separately" mermaid and her home (also sold separately). So I'm not seeing these finding a haven at our house.)   I'd rather them be a set of polly pocketish mermaids - that would last a lot longer in our house.  My girls love to use their imagination,so a playset that try to do that for them... no thanks.  BUT - thanks CFA - it was fun to play and see them.  They are great and fun and the girls loved them... but mommy - not so much.

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