Sunday, August 12, 2012

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten....

How is that possible?

It seems like it was just a few days ago that she was keeping me up all night, and we were learning to crawl and walk.  I have such vivid memories of her first bite of watermelon and even more so of her first spaghetti.  But now, my baby is heading off to Kindergarten...  Out into the world as I drive away (crying I'm sure!) in my van.

This past Thursday we got to go meet Megan's new teacher - Mrs Waller.  She is super sweet and nice and I think Megan will love being in her classroom.

I was able to get through the experience without crying, throwing up, or having a full blown anxiety attack.  :^)  But it was close a couple of times.

As a teacher - I know how much fun she's going to have, I know she's going to fine, I know she'll love it, and I know it's where she needs to be right now.  But as a teacher and a mommy, it was also a hard decision to send my baby off to someone else's classroom.  And as a mommy, it is super super super excruiciatingly hard to send my baby out to "the world" - where she'll be exposed to a lot of things that I could protect her from at home - or at least walk her through them in a gentle and guided way.  For the first time ever, she's going to be in an environment for a huge portion of the day where her faith is not nurtured.  To be totally honest - it's not the academics that worry me, or even the social stuff, it's..... Have we done everything we could to give her a firm foundation to grow on?  As she experiences the world, have we laid a solid ground for her to stand on as she experiences stuff that we no longer have control over?

Bottom line - ????????   God is constantly dealing with me on this.  I am not Him, and He is in charge of her.  Here's where my rubber meets the road as I let her go and my prayer life increases 1000 fold.

She went to bed excited about tomorrow.
I'm still putting off all the paperwork that asks me to let the teacher know all about my child (how do I wrap her up in a few sentences?).
I know I'll cry tomorrow.
I know that I'll hug Nicole a little tighter.
And I know that we have Krispy Kreme doughnuts waiting for our special "welcome to Kindergarten" breakfast!
All in all.... it'll be a good day!
AND, a huge milestone for all of us!

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