Saturday, August 11, 2012

Minnesota Children's Museum

Oh if you are in the twin cities - you have to head over to St. Paul to the MN Children's Museum - it is one of top 10 Children's museum's in the US - and for good reason!  We could've stayed all day!!!!

 When we first entered they had a fun booth set up where the kids could paint their own faces.  A kids best dream (and perhaps a moms worst nightmare).  :^)  They both loved it!
 Megan loved all the experiments...
 And the role playing section (introducing post master Megan)...
 Nicole was in the doghouse... literally.

 One of my favorites was the "music room" - where the kids got to choose a song, some instruments, costumes and then put on a music video.

 Even Daddy and Uncle Tony got in on the action.
 They both loved the ooey gooey science lab.  Each day they have a new "make it" experiement where the kids learn by trial and error to make something.  Today it was playdoh!

 They have a great water room with all sorts of water experiements - with locks, boat races, how bubbles are made, etc...

 Megan loved this one about water pressure and water flow - trying to make her ping pong ball go up the tubes by blocking other tubes.  super cool!
 And - Curious George was there!!!!!
 Nicole was a bit scared of the big George - but this little guy was just her size!
 On the top floor they have an outdoor learning lab that also happens to have a great view of St. Paul.

Much fun was had!  And my girls are already talking about going back!

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