Monday, August 27, 2012

School - for everyone!

Megan loves Kindergarten!

 If you ask her what her favorite part of the day is - she'll tell you....

 ... riding the bus with her new friend Ivey!
It's sweet - the bus driver takes good care of her every afternoon.  Megan and Ivey sit right behind her, and according to Megan, they take turns sitting by the window.

Megan is even ready for homework.  She's had a few fun things to do to practice some basic skills like letter sounds and practice writing her numbers to 20.  But her "real" homework starts next week, after labor day. 
 But she's not the only girl over here who's off to school!
Tomorrow is Nicole's first day in her little 2 year old preschool class.  Last week we had a fun "meet the teacher" outing at school so that Nicole could meet the teachers and see her class.  To say she loved it - is putting it mildly!
 She has a couple of good friends in her class, so that was helpful.  But THEN.....
She saw Ms. Mandi's dress up area!  Oh yeah - within minutes she'd found the perfect dress!
 Of course, she didn't want to play favorites so she had a few costume changes - as she floated in between the kitchen and the tool area.

 You know what I loved??????

Her teachers!!!!!!!!
Nicole is in Ms. Mandi's class - that was also Megan's teacher when she was in that class.  So I'm soooo thrilled.
 Here's her assistant - Ms. Ester!
It's so precious to me that they get to love on Nicole like they loved on her big sister.  The really cool part is that they were a part of our lives when Nicole was born.  So they've watched her grow and now they play a role in nurturing her sweet little heart.

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