Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two Harbors 2012

This was our 3rd summer driving to Two Harbors to see Grandma and Papa.   Uncle Dan always comes up and we have a fun family affair!  We always try to do something different each year, but we also have our traditions.  Here's to some of those Two Harbors traditions....

Like playing Grandma's organ...
 Playing with Daddy and Uncle Dan's old cars - and building garages for them...
 Papa down on the floor with the girls....
 And Uncle Dan helping out with some creative animal games....
 Megan wanted to show Grandma her emerging art skills.
 And Nicole wanted to show her how she's learning to draw faces and people.
Oh we ALWAYS make cookies!

 Then Megan heard the news....

What?  A new friend to meet?
 Even Nicole was intrigued.... a new friend????

 Oh the girls were in heaven with the puppy that was next door.

Papa made sure to give the girls a tour of his flower garden and let them help load up the birdfeeder.

And when in Two Harbors, you have to head to the train tracks to see the old trains.

 And we had to go to the train depot to visit our old friend, Mr. Moose.  This year he wasn't outside -so we had to squish into the corner to give him some love.
 And how can you visit the North Shore without a little taste of Lake Superior.  It was really hot while we were there - so instead of wading and skipping rocks - the beach was full of people who were actually in the water.  Normally it's way to cold - but this year, I dare say it was actually refeshing!

 A log had washed ashore and all the kids were taking turns playing with it.
 Let's just say Megan learned about log rolling.

And when in Two Harbors -you must head over to see the Two Harbors lighthouse - which I love.
 And while you are there, go see if any of the Ore Boats are in.  The day we went to the lighthouse and breakwater, the Roger Blough happened to be in the docks.  It's a massive boat - one of the largest to sail on Lake Superior.

 After a walk on the breakwater, the girls wanted to wade on the rocky shoreline...
 Thankfully Nicole decided to just sit and take it all in.
And we had to stop and show the girls the Crusader II - this boat was built by the father and grandfather of Tom's Uncle ----Grandma's sisters husband's dad (how's that for confusing)... anyway it was built by Uncle Don Hills father and grandfather.
 And we always end our trip with an outing to Dairy Queen and our favorite wooden swing!
 It's always a great time with Uncle Dan, Grandma and Papa!  We love you!!!!

Coming soon.... a day in Duluth and then onto Stillwater and Minneapolis/St. Paul

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