Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 Weeks Away

July was home to our marathon travels.... a total of about 3000 miles roundtrip.  It consisted of 2 weeks, 9 states, more movies than I can count, 1 broken DVD screen, seeing liscence plates from 43 states (including Alaska), 1 from DC and 3 Canadian provinces, staying in 4 hotels and 2 houses, lots of laughs, and tons of memories.  The girls were amazing travelers!!!!

One of my favorite "spots" on the trip is when we pass by Tilden WI.  It's not really a stop - but a driveby... but it's so significant that they mark it with a billboard - and I'm always watching for it!
Pass that sign and you are officially half way between the Equator and the North Pole.  Woohoo!!!!! I just think that's fun and cool!   Even though we still have a LONG way to go before we are to Northern MN.  This trip we headed straight to Hoyt Lakes MN for a family reunion.  When we got there the girls were giddy with excitement!

 It may not necessarily be the reunion that was causing those smiles - perhaps it was me saying, "WE'RE HERE!"  And them understanding their rear ends get a break!

And Grandma and Papa were waiting for us!

Megan and Nicole got to meet lot of people they've never met or don't remember - but fun washad by all!   Auntie Dawn brought some popbeads which kept the girls in jewlery making heaven...
 Nicoled prefered the ice cream break that Auntie Mary issued!
 Uncle Duane brought out his "butterfly net".... which also has a habit of catching fish.
 No problem for these two!  They were on the job - butterflies never fear, the science investigators are here!!!!!
 Megan even caught a "butterfly".... yes - it might look like a moth to some, but hey - spread your wings of imagination!

 Auntie Jen and Halee pulled out the bubbles.  And you know we LOVE bubbles!!!

 We took a little sidetrip one afternoon and headed to Biwabik MN to see Honk.

 Honk is from the book, "Honk, The Moose" by Phil Strong.  It's a Newberry Honor book and on the list as one of the top 100 best Children's books from the 20th century.... and I remember reading it when I was young.  It's actually based on a true story of some young kids taking care of a moose that comes to town one winter, and it ends up getting adopted by the town.  When I realized how close we were to "Honk's home town," I had to go see it.  This winter its on our reading list (and our library has it if I've peaked your interest)!!!!!

Biwabik also has a cool gazebo.  The girls decided it was the perfect place to put on a show.

 They even pulled Grandma into the action!
 Back at the reunion - a game of soccer broke out....
 Megan claimed that she was the winner...

That is merely the start of our trip.  Next Stop:  Grandma and Papa's house in Two Harbors MN.

Our July sort of came and went. I'll have to go back and get caught up with all we did at the end of June (the beach). But I figured I'd go ahead and try to get to "real world time" before school starts.

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