Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st day of Preschool

We have had a lot of firsts this August! 
The cherry on top was Nicole starting "big girl school!"
 She's was so excited to have a school of her own.  As we got near the school she pointed and said, "wook, there's  my Dede school."  And I reminded her, "no, that's not your Dede's school...that's YOUR school!"  (Dede is what she has always called Megan.  She will also call her Megan - but evidently in her mind "dede" means "sister").  Then she really got excited!

I was glad because to be honest I wasn't sure how this was going to go!  This is my little clingy girl.  You know, the one who still cries when I leave her in the church nursery, or walk away to go to the bathroom, or.... you get the picture.  

So even though she was all smiles when we left home (really happy about finally getting to use her new backpack!), I knew that it was iffy as to what was going to happen when I actually dropped her off.  So... I had a plan!  I made some fun little "1st day of school" teacher appreciation gifts for Ms. Mandi and Ms. Ester.....  How was that a plan for Nicole?????
Both her hands were occupied when we got there so she couldn't grab onto me for dear life!   May not sound like much to some of you.... BUT - I know my little girl.  If we could make it through the door without a "cling and grab" to mom moment, we would be ok.  And sure enough.  As we started down her hall, I could feel her start to get worried and start to pull back - so we stopped and pulled out the gifts and her little cards she made and she had one in each hand as we got to her room.  I know she looks a bit terrified in that picture but that's because she was watching a little boy across the hall who was crying.

No, she was so brave!  She walked in and gave each teacher a gift box (full of chocolate becaue I was sure they'd need it - and they did!).  And she was fine.   I stayed with her a few minutes to get her settled in and I kissed her head a lot!!!!  And finally I said, "I love you and I'll see you later - don't forget to be a big helper"... and she responded with, "I a big girl now!"

And with overwhelming joy I walked out... so thrilled that we had no tears, no screaming, no clinging.  It was a HUGE thing!!!!!!  My heart was a bit emotional too.....  my baby!!!!  But I have to admit that the joy seeing her take a step towards independence totally overshadowed the sadness - God knew I needed that! 

And then I went to breakfast at a big girl restaurant and just soaked in the "non mommy" moment!!!!!!!

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