Monday, August 13, 2012

Megan's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the day!
My big girl headed off to Kindergarten - all set in her school uniform (her school has a unified dress code - aka: uniforms, even though it's a public school), her new kitty backpack, her birdie lunchbox, and most importantly -her neon yellow shoes!

 We made it a family affair and we took her to school...

There she goes....
I was glad that Tom went with us - and drove... so that I could cry without restraint all the way home.  :^)   Megan did great - she was excited, just a tiny hesitation to unbuckle her seat belt.  She hopped out, told them her teacher - and she was off! 

Now, here was my back to school project for Megan's teachers.... I needed something to pour my anxiety into!  Ok, and yeah, I'm an overachiever... I admit it.

No, I never got anything like this when I was teaching... but it would've been cool.  The idea came from a blog I ran across - Bee in our Bonnet:

I just remember the 1st day of school when I taught K and 1st... you just want it to be awesome for all your kids - you want them to WANT to come back.  You hope that they'll feel special, have fun, see learning as fun, and have their heart ministered to.  But there are always the tears, the kids who are scared, the ones who will test you, etc...  That first day of school may be awesome and it may be challenging..... and I for Megan's teachers it was great - and just in case they have chocolate to celebrate and Advil in case it had some major roadbumps!

Now Nicole and I are off to enjoy our day together - until 2:50 - when the bus is scheduled to drop my big girl off.  I'm sure there will be more pictures then!

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Alexis said...

That looks like Ms. Dilworth, Grant's prapro from kindergarten!