Friday, August 3, 2012

Duluth MN

We took a day to head to Duluth MN one day to visit the Great Lakes Aquarium.  It's on Lake Superior, right across the bridge from Superior WI.    While we were visiting one of the observation decks, we got to see the Duluth lift bridge go up for a couple of boats to cross under. 
Megan thought it was so cool that the entire bridge would raise up.

 Her favorite part of the aquarium was the model of the Great Lakes.  It is a huge (very wet) room - the kids each get a boat that they navigate through the Great Lakes. 

 Both the girls loved learning how to manauver through the many locks.

Megan also enjoyed learning all about navigating a big ship through the dangers of Lake Superior.  They have a fun interactive captains wheel that teaches them to turn based upon weather conditions.

The whole family went and we had a chance to visit all the lake habitats on screen.

Nicole... shejust wanted to be an Otter!
and a super cute one at that!!!!

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