Monday, August 27, 2012

Some girl time!

Since pre-school is starting for Nicole tomorrow, we've been making the most of our time together.  This past week we met up with a friend at Play!  We got there and Nicole only stopped running in order to jump into the foam pit.  She had a blast!

 Nicole and Bradley had a great time jumping together  - and the place was deserted so they jumped and jumped and jumped.
 and FLEW....
I must say, I love these moments with my baby!  I know they'll fly by too quickly, so I'm going to savor each one, while I can!
 As we were leaving, Nicole got to pick a treat from the treasure box - she wanted a magnifying glass.  So on the way out to the car - we investigated the flowers.  She was so cute trying to say "discover, investigate, explore" (from Sid the Science Kid).

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