Monday, August 13, 2012

We Survived the First Day of School!

This afternoon, Nicole and I walked to the bus stop to pick up Megan.   I figured the bus might be a bit early or late - so we went early, and then waited a bit.  I am so glad we grabbed the bubbles as we headed out the door so that Nicole had something to do while we did all that waiting.

 Here it comes......
 And there it goes.... after dropping off a very excited Kindergartener.  Her first words were, "I had a great day at school!  It was so fun!"  I'm not sure how I held back the tears and the sob that was building in my throat - but I did (mostly). 
 And then Megan dropped to the ground to give Rocky all the love she had "saved up all day."

We made it!
Megan has had some funny stories from the day - like her new friend who doesn't speak English.  But according to Megan - no problem, because she's teaching her English.  And evidently Megan has also taken it upon herself to teach her teachers how to speak Spanish.     Great -this from my child who goes around saying nonsense words and proclaiming it to be spanish.

She said it was a great day, but she's exhausted.  And then she told me that Mrs. Waller took it easy on them today and didn't give out homework.

Oh that sweet girl!

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