Sunday, August 12, 2012


To catch up a little from the summer....
Megan went to a couple of camps this summer.   One was a dance and drama camp through our local park/rec system.  On the last day, the parents get to come in a little early for a "display" of what they worked on.
 They showed up some of the dancing skills they worked on - like skipping.
 Here's Megan all ready for her dance...
 One of the reasons she had so much fun at this camp was that she was there with 2 of her friends from pre-school.  (Megan, Victoria, and Sydney)
 Not to be left out - while Megan was at camp, Nicole went a little camp of her own - gymtots.  This was also the first camp Megan went to when she was 2 1/2.    She only went a couple of days a week -but ended up having so much fun.

There's still a lot more of summer to get on here!!!!

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