Friday, August 10, 2012

Stillwater MN

Back to getting our Mn trip on the blog....  We had a great time in Stillwater, MN with Tom's aunt, uncle and cousins.  It's such a great little area - I'd love to go back and explore a little more with the girls.  Stillwater is considered to be the birthplace of MN and it sits on the St. Croix river.  It's beautiful and quaint and fun!

We had a great lunch downtown at a 50's diner called Leo's.... which had the yummiest Dr. Pepper BBQ sandwich!  Sounds wierd doesn't it - I'm going to figure out how to make some because it was awesome!  Then we walked to the lift bridge - the oldest in MN, and ended off with a trip to Teddy Bear Park.

 What a super fun park... it's got great teddy bear sculptures scattered around - and the playground shows some of the fun sites of Stillwater.
 Like the lift bridge, a riverboat (for the St. Croix river), a train, a cave (there was a fresh water spring that used to be used for a local brewery), a tree house for the surrounding forests, and the other side of the tree house is a slide that looks like a moose head, etc.... so fun!

 After the park, we headed back to Auntie Janice and Uncle Paul's.  Megan loved getting to check out some of the dolls from Auntie Janice's doll collection.

 And she was captivated by Auntie Janice's REAL spinning wheel.  I was a little nervous about her trying it out since it is over 100 years old.
So much fun!  Hopefully next summer we'll get to go back and do a few other things!

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