Friday, September 21, 2012

Still here... just "invisible"

I figured I'd post something.....

Yes - we are still here and doing well.  Lot's of fun things going on - but sadly, My camera is giving me some major issues.  Currently I can't hook up my cord to download my pictures - somethings happened on the camera to bend or break the connection so my pictures are in limbo (till I go get them on a CD, hopefully later today).  Then today as i grabbed it to take some final pictures on it - and the LCD display isn't working so I have no idea what I took a picture of, if anything.  I guess I'l find out when I get the card out and get them on a CD.  Ugh.

So although we don't have an pictures - here's our BIG news...


Woohoo!!!!!!!!  That strong willed, stubborn, "you can't make me" girl, finally decided it was cool to be a big girl and she was ready.  Seriously I started and then gave up 4 times!  That girl just wasn't ready and she just didnt want to.  No manner of rewards, threats, encouragement, pressure, nothing would sway her.  She'd go on the potty a few times a day but then would scream hystrically if you even mentioned it.  It was insane.  but then....  She went to preschool 2 days a week.  And that's all it took - literally - 2 days at preschool!  She came home from the 2nd day and told me, "I ready to be a big girl now!"  and never looked back.  That was 3 weeks ago and we've only had a couple of accidents.  She's so proud of herself and has overcome her fear of public toilets.  And I'm thrilled!!!!!!

Someone asked me the other day if I was a little sad since it was the end of a stage - my baby, growing up.... and I said - NO!  I'm good.  She is still my little snuggle-bug but saying so long to the diapers/pull-ups - yipee!!!!!

And Nicole loves her little class.  She seems to have passed the stage of hysterically crying when I leave her somewhere (mostly).  And that is a wonderful blessing to my heart as well.  Oh yes, and she's dropped her naps.  She might fall asleep occassionally but 99% of the time she's a non-napper.

Megan - loves kindergarten!  She's doing great and loves her teacher.  She's exhausted when she gets home and both girls are usually in bed around 7pm - and their little internal alarm clocks wake them up around 6am.   Where these early morning girls came from is beyond me.  They certainly did not get that from their momma!

So - that's pretty much it.  Tom and I are doing well and so far we are keeping up with those girls.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon.

I just remembered that I had posted some phone pictures to Facebook.... so here is a little glimpse of today - Doughnuts with Daddy Day in Kindergarten.

click on the picture and it'll make it larger so you can read it.

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Dawn said...

Congratulations, Nicole (and Mommy...)!!! That's awesome! Love, love love the picture with Tom and Megan, and Megan's paper about Daddy. So cute!

Missing you all!!!