Thursday, March 4, 2010

Strange Joy

I had one of those bizarre joyous parenting moments.... not many people would see it as a joy - but for me it was awesome!

At about 1:45 Megan yelled to me ---- MOMMY, I HAVE TO GO POOPY... of course I jump and grab her and run to the potty. yeah! This whole poppy on the potty thing has been a challenge for us. It's been better recently but still a challenge. Megan waits till nighttime when she's in a pullup. UGH.

So what's the joy... it was 1:45AM..... She was in her pullup, woke up and yelled for me to come get her (she's knows to not get out of her bed). Now let me just say I jumped straight up, and was in a complete fog, but was so happy that she did the very thing we've been talking about for weeks. YEAH! My baby did it! Of course my adrenaline was pumping from a deep sleep wake up call that it took me forever to go back to sleep, and I did have to wake Tom up to tell him the exciting news (this morning he asked if it had been a dream). But it was sheer joy! Like one of those little successes that just makes your heart smile.

And.... I will post some pictures soon. Grandma and Papa are here and I've got my mom's great new camera. I'm trying it out for her (and test driving it to see if I like it) and it's awesome! But I don't have the cables to download the pictures. So you may have to wait a few days.

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Dawn said...

Way to go, Miss Megan!!! We're very proud of her, too!

Hope you're enjoying your visit! We love and miss you!!!