Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twice over

The joy of having 2 kids...
twice the love, twice the joy, and... twice the sickness!

Poor little Nicole has Bronciolitis and started wheezing and sounds like she's coughing up a lung. Not eathing well, and is still occasionally throwing up (like at 4:30 am this morning), but I think it's from the coughing and not so much the stomach bug anymore (Megan does that too).

And then Megan woke up this morning really late (8:20). I went in her room to see if she was awake because I hadn't heard her and she was still in bed. She was awake but still in bed. I snuggled in and gave her a kiss and thought... oh no, you feel really hot. So off to get the thermometer and sure enough 101. Ugh. 2 sick girls on my hands. So much for my plans of getting lots accomplished while Megan was at school. No school for her today and it's 10:20 and we are all still in our pj's..... it'll be a lazy, rainy, tv filled day around here.


sandy said...

Fun! I say keep the PJs on all day. Macie will often randomly show up in her pjs in the middle of the day. She had dance yesterday and was either in her dance clothes of pjs all day.

hmferrero said...

sorry they're sick! hope you don't get it too.