Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 year Stats

We had our 3 year check up today - and Megan was thrilled that she didn't have to have a shot!!!!! And so was I!!!!!

She weighed in at 35 lbs (90%) and was 38 inches tall (75%). She's recently started coughing again now that all the trees are starting to bloom and thankfully her lungs are clear. Basically that means that the worst of her "allergy induced asthma" seems to be decreasing. Now she reacts to allergens with coughing (like an asthmatic would) but she's not wheezing. YEAH! So we are off our inhalers for a bit to see if it can be controled with singular. I'm hopefully it can. But only time (in a GA spring) will tell.

I'm putting in some pictures from our snow last week (hard to believe a week ago on Tuesday we got about 3-4 inches of snow and this past week it was almost 70 degrees).

Megan's last snow in her 2's.... It was a lot of fun. But now after a taste of spring, I'm ready for it to be here!

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Sandy P said...

I am finally going to take Macie for her check up at the end of March with Carson. I wonder if you can still be compared to other 3's when you are almost 19 months!