Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grandparents Revisted

Finally, I got pictures up from our visit with Tom's parents. Grandma and Papa had a great stay with us and we got to celebrate a lot of birthday's together. I uploaded just a "few" of the pictures.
I had to put this picture of my Dad (Granddad) with Nicole. She has some of the funniest looks and this one was just classic...
And I almost got one of my mom and all the grandkids together - but the eldest (Daniel) was off reading his own book. Let's just say we have a family of young readers!
Here's all the grandparents - a rare shot of all of them together - Granddad, Grandma (my folks), Grandma (with Nicole) and Papa (Tom's folks) and Gram Ann (my sister-in-law Kelly's mom).
While the grandparents were here, we were able to have Nicole's dedication at church.
We had a fabulous day (a week after the bizarre snow) so we made a trip to the zoo...
Megan's favorite part.... the piggies (AKA the petting zoo).

Papa and Megan decided they'd try their hands at being Kangaroos...
And what is a trip to the zoo without a train ride? I have to say we were super fortunate in that while we were in line to get a few tickets for Megan to ride the train and carousel, a stranger came up and gave us a spare arm band for unlimited rides. It was great because Megan got several train rides and several carousel rides and everyone got to accompany her on something. We were all happy - and it was free!

Oh and what fun to be able to go to IHOP for 2 birthdays. Megan's birthday is the day before Papa's. So we had a celebratory birthday breakfast and our favorite server (we go there a bit I'm afraid) surprised us with HUGE birthday sundaes.... OK, so it was only about 10am - but it's your birthday!

And one of the most precious times of the visit were putting Megan to bed and reading stories. She loves a good story!
And then there's the snuggle time with Nicole too...

Make no mistake, I have hundreds of other pictures that aren't on here... they may show up later. :^) And here we are over a week later and I still don't have Megan's birthday pictures up. One day I will... one day when I can get nap schedules coordinated and have a few moments to work on it.

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