Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If we could be outside from the time Megan wakes up till bedtime - I think our life might be tantrum free. It's amazing how being outside just brings out the absolute best in Megan. And I love it.... so I'm sooo ready for spring weather to be here for good! After a winter of begging... I got out Megan's roller skates for her to try out. Ummmm... we have a ways to go before these are mastered. But, she sure is cute trying to skate.
For Christmas Megan got her first T-ball set.... She wants to be a sportsinista like the boys next door. Um... we have a ways to go on that one too. But she sure does love it - and she thinks chasing the ball is as much fun as hitting it (or trying to hit it).

No matter what we are doing outside, eventually it ends with Megan on her new bike (which is why she just keeps her helmet on). Each day she gets better and better and better. Its amazing to watch her grown and develop so quickly.

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