Saturday, March 20, 2010


I love bows!
Never thought I'd say that!
I just never thought I'd be a girly mom.... until I had 2 girls.
Now I've jumped to the pink side of life and without regret I say, I LOVE BOWS! I keep hearing about these great bows that don't come out.... they are better than the "no slip hair clips" and such.... I'm a skeptic... .anyone who's tried to keep bows in a girls head knows that they don't stay in.

BUT... I have to say, I love these new bows I've found. They actually do stay in.
This cute one stayed in all day on Sunday (this is Nicole in the nursery at church... I was working in there and happened to have my camera and she was so cute I had to snap a shot).

It's a little snap - a teeny tiny little snap clip and it is supposed to be able to stay in the hair of a baby with NO hair.... But when you have lots of floppy hair, that's a whole different story. But it did stay in Nicole's hair almost all day.

I'm glad I got a picture of it because now it's MIA... Somehow in the vomiting episode we had last week it got misplaced. It was in the carseat and now we can't find it. Oh well, glad it wasn't expensive. I'm about to make some myself - you know, in all my spare time...

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