Monday, March 29, 2010

Ears, Toes and Everything Inbetween

Nicole is in a super fun stage - she has finally developed that "love relationship" with her toes. Inevitably, you'll walk in on her after her nap and from across the room see her feet sticking straight up. It's so sweet. Unfortunately, she hasn't been quite this happy today. We were able to get in to see the Dr. to chat about her cough, reflux, obvious milk allergy (they didn't even test her - she had the "5 of the 6 big markers" of a milk allergy (vomiting, diarrhea, eczema around the mouth, horrible diaper rash, and bloating) when she has had formula. So... they gave us some samples of the expensive hypoallergenic formulas to see if she'll take them. Evidently the taste buds kick in around 4 months and some babies that age refuse to take the special formulas because they taste so bad - great. So we'll see what happens and if Nicole will take it. For the reflux, we'll keep up with the Mylanta but we are also going to try a prescription to see if that helps with her cough (it's not a sick cough, it's a reflux dry gagging cough). Thankfully her lungs sound GREAT! I'm thrilled with this after our road of asthma with Megan.

Unfortunately, it seems like both our girls have the same ear issues. Nicole has a horrible ear infection. I felt so bad when the Dr. looked in her left ear and said, "oh poor baby that is just horrible looking - you must really hurt." Now I did finally get on the ball and make the appt. because I thought she might have an ear infection. And yep - she does. So I"m glad we went - but so sad that my baby is in pain. FINALLY after some Tylenol, she's actually sleeping.

Hopefully it'll clear up soon!
Now, to give her medicine - they remeasured her...
She's 20 weeks old (a bit over 4 1/2 months) and she weighed in at 19lbs and 4 oz.
That means in 3 weeks she's gained 1 lb, 4 oz... wow!
We are a pound and a half away from hitting the max on our infant carrier car seat.

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