Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

I get to this point in the weekend.... late on Sunday night and I wonder - where did it go? Surely the weekend isn't over. I didn't get enough sleep, enough giggles, enough family time.... How is it almost Monday again?

Then I think about what we did do and I realize - wow, it was a busy weekend..
Birthday party for a friend, trip to see Grandma and Granddad, time change, lots of playtime, church, temper tantrums, discipline, more tantrums, more discipline, eating somewhere in there, and.... it's sunday night.

I came to a "momma's realization" today - Nicole is allergic to formula. UGH. Now I know there are lots of formula's out there so I'm not saying she's allergic to all formula - but what she's had, she is obviously allergic to. My girls are "picky" eaters at this ripe young age of 4 months. Megan, at 4 months, stopped taking a bottle all together. I think she went on strike and it was her only way to show her anger that Mommy "left her" when I had my gallbladder out. She ended up having almost a week of constant bottles and when that was over, she decided she wasn't going back to them. Oh my goodness, that was time - from 4 months to 9-10 months she was attached to my hip. I vividly remember leaving her with my parents when she was 10 1/2 months old because finally she could drink from a cup/straw in case she wouldn't take a bottle. And if all else failed, she could eat food and wouldn't starve.

And now there is Nicole.... She'll take a bottle ---- but only if it's fresh milk - no frozen/thawed milk. Well, that just started and lets just say it's a difficult order. So I got some formula out and thought, let's just take formula with us for those times when nursing isn't really plausible. I'm not a big nursing in public person --- at least I haven't been. So last Monday (when Nicole vomited all over me at the zoo), I had a brief thought pass through my mind - gosh, I hope this wasn't because of the formula. But she did have that little stomach bug so I chalked it up to that. I'm now thinking I was wrong. She did have the bug, but I think it was the formula (which is what we came home from the hospital with). Then one other time this past week she threw up..... after a little formula (but I still thought it was the bug). And then there was today.... I was working in the church nursery so I knew I wouldn't be able to feed her at church so I packed up a bottle. I could barely get her to take 3 oz. Later at lunch I noticed a bit of ezcema starting around her mouth, then she got really fussy. I even said, this is what happened at the zoo, I hope she doesn't throw up on me. She didn't.... she waited until we were on the expressway and then projectile vomited all over herself, her carseat, the back of the seat. It was actually scary. We had to pull over because she was sort of choking. UGH! Poor thing. She definitely got it out of her system from one end or the other... by the time we got home she was covered in poop or vomit in every nook and crany - or crease and roll. UGH! So, no more formula for this baby for awhile. Once I'm brave enough we'll try a different brand, but it'll be a little while. Until then I may be up at all hours of the night whenever I know we need a bottle. It's just a season, it's just a season, it's just a season, it's just a season... As for the other one.... Oh lord, I don't know what happened today and I'm PRAYING it was simply a reaction to the time change and tomorrow will be better. I just wanted to put in a plug for a great toy that Megan got for her birthday.... Imaginarium foam blocks. They are so great. This is her favorite building toy by far. She loves stacking, sorting, making "playgrounds". My nephews and neices love it as well (they have some too). My sister-in-law's mom (Gram Ann) gave it to Megan for her birthday - it's one of those gifts that fosters creativity and never gets old. 5 stars from me! Thanks Gram Ann!

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