Monday, March 8, 2010

Megan's Big Weekend

It is so hard to believe that my baby is now my big girl, and she's 3! Wow!!! Today we were driving by the hospital at almost the exact time of her birth 3 years ago - that was really surreal.

Her birth was a bit of a shock - 3 weeks early. I wasn't ready! My bags weren't packed or anything. I actually had already asked off for the day she was born, but my plan was to use that day to get ready.... I didn't realize I'd be in the hospital. The day before (a Wednesday) I had gone in for a normal appt, but mentioned that she hadn't really moved that day --- which was wierd because she was in a constant state of movement. So after monitoring in the office, and at the hospital, they sent me home. I pulled in the driveway and my water broke. Great. So back to the hospital for hours of walking the halls. They assured me that she wasn't going to be born until sometime late afternoon or early evening on Thursday. Well, Megan was ready to meet the world at 11:07am. And then promptly decided that she wanted some special treatment so off to the NICU for some help with her breathing. She stayed there the whole time but was able to come home with us. Gave us a scare - but the Lord took care of her!

And now... she's a vibrant, active, full of life 3 year old. Oh how I love her! Megan, you are our sunshine! You make us smile and giggle. I love your enthusiasm for life and your sweet heart. At school your friends and teachers say you love to help others who are sad by giving them hugs, and that you love to help. At home, you are my little helper and a little mommy to Nicole and snowball. Your heart is so tender that if a balloon floats away on a tv show you cry. I love you my sweetheart. It's been a rough go this past year as we've had to deal with issues of obedience and respect - but even the worst days are followed with an outpouring of love and sweetness. It's such a pleasure to be your mommy.... even after those days when I question how to teach you about respect, submission and obedience. I love you sweetheart and Happy Birthday!

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