Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last Day

This week Megan had her last day of school....
She celebrated with her friends and teachers (Ms. Ester and Ms. Mandi) over some yummy sprinkle doughnuts.

Snowball hitched a ride to school, only to fing out there weren't enough doughnuts for him. :^) I just had to include this picture of Snowball all buckled into Nicole's car seat. He is Megan's baby after all - she just wanted to make sure he was staying safe.


Uncle Dan said...

Snowball looks as miserable as Nicole does when she's in her car seat!

Happy Birthday to a special little girl! These first three years have been awesome to be a small part of! Megan has brought a lot of smiles to her uncle's face.

Mitzi said...

Happy Birthday Megan!!! I miss having you in my classroom, but Ms. Ester and Ms. Mandi look so happy to share your birthday with you. I'm glad they got to have a special birthday time with you.