Monday, March 22, 2010

First Day of Spring

What better way is there to usher in the start of spring - than to head back to the park, again! Little Nicole is as much an outdoor girl as her big sister.
And both my girls love the swings! We literally could swing for hours.
Nicole was just happy being out on such a gorgeous day - she was so content to kick back and just watch the clouds float by.
Oh my goodness - what a beauty!
And oh my goodness, what a cutie! It's a good thing my girls love each other so much. I look forward to a lifetime of their smiles and giggles together. Megan loves to try to make Nicole laugh, and Nicole just can't get enough of her big sister. It's so heartwarming.
And what tops off a great day at the park?
The first grilling of spring!

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