Saturday, March 27, 2010

NoBunny's Cuter

The shirt says it all.... NoBunny's cuter....Well, let's just call it a tie! Today was a super fun day - beautiful, but a bit chilly with the wind. It was a great day to head to our town's big Easter Egg hunt. We'd never been before, but you can bet we'll go back again. Megan had a blast. I was worried she wouldn't go off to "hunt" on her own. In the 3 year old group, adults aren't officially allowed in the hunt area (yeah, that was a joke).

Megan had no problem running off to look for eggs and candy.
We ran into a lot of folks that we knew and met up with some friends. Megan was glad to have her friend Kenny there. They were in the same age bracket so having a friend nearby is probably what gave her the courage to hunt without mommy or daddy in hand (literally).

After the hunt, we headed over to ride the train and do a little bouncing in the inflatables.

Megan saw a face painter and asked for a dolphin....

And no "Easter Extravaganza" is complete with a little one on one with the Easter Bunny.

Megan keeps asking if Easter is here. I'm excited about some fun things we are going to do this week to help her learn about the true Easter story. It's a hard subject to cover with her because she's so sensitive. She's still talking about the "mad king" from the Christmas story. But hopefully we'll be able to bring it to her level and still keep the meaning in the story and have some fun learning about Jesus' gift to us on the cross.
Happy Palm Sunday to everyone. Hosanna!

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