Saturday, February 27, 2010

Did I say that?

Oh my goodness - anyone who's ever spent time with little folk know that there are moments when you say something and then think - did I really say that? And did anyone hear me? For example - today we had to lay down a new naptime rule...
"Do not take your clothes off when you are supposed to be sleeping."

Lately it's been more like,
"It's not polite to pick your friends nose."
"no, mommy doesn't need any help wiping."
"Take Angelina Ballerina out of your pants."
"No one else wants to wear your panties."
"Take your panties off your head! Do not put your panties on my head."
"Please don't pretend that the french fry is a booger."

Oh goodness, have I mentioned lately that I'm tired? :^)

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Sandy P said...

When the boys were this age, Mitzi and I always joked about the book she was going to write "Things you never knew you would say as a parent" If she had really written it all down, I think the book would be published by now. I even had to say to Carson yesterday "We do not spit on the floor...EVER"