Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Oh my goodness - where did all this cute curly hair come from?Huuummmmmm......

I just wonder???????

Aw - who cares - it's awesome!
I just LOVE that curl that falls in the middle of her forehead. It just makes me want to kiss her all over! So stinkin cute. And what you can't tell is that if you pull it out straight it is really long - it goes all the way down under her chin. That's our game on humid days when her hair curls like this - pull it down and go "boing" and let it recurl. I hope she always loves her curls as much as I do!

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Dawn said...

I just adore those curls, too, and am so exicted Miss Nicole has shared that trait! Those two are the cutest little princesses EVER! Give them big loves and I can't wait to video chat soon!

Love and miss you guys!