Sunday, February 21, 2010

Growing Up

This has been a challenging week in our house. My mom has been really sick and in the hospital, Megan has had some issues (I won't go into those PT and BM things but aaauuugghhh... hopefully we won't be in Dr's office tomorrow about it all), and babies are just babies and always need their mommies.

But even with exhausted eyes I see my little ones growing up so fast and just want to cherish every moment. Today I was reading Megan a book while she sat on the potty and I thought... you know it's 8:30 and I just want to eat dinner (I was at the hospital when everyone else ate).... but my mind and heart pushed that aside and I was just overwhlemed with love for my very clingy girl. As challenging as it can be sometimes, there is also something heart grabbing when only a "mommy story" will do.
And when I'm this exhausted and just want a quiet moment, but this little girl wants to eat -NOW, RIGHT NOW!!!!! I remind myself - last week she couldn't do some of the things she can do this week. A week is a HUGE amount of time in the life of a little one. And I want to cherish every second with my baby, while she's still a baby.

Eventually I'll get my quiet momment - and a good nights sleep - and time to myself - and a potty break without a shadow - hot food - time to shave my legs - but I'll miss all this chaos too - at least maybe a little bit. :^)

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